Tiny Tattoos: Delicate, Profitable, and Trendsetting Course in TX

Tiny tattoos are small, delicate tattoos crafted with precise lines and a gentle touch

Tiny tattoos, with top-notch Equipment and guided by seasoned mentors, have become a profitable and trendsetting style in the tattoo industry, acting as a gateway into the world of tattoo artistry.


· 3 Day
· 5 people max
· In-Class Course
· Level: Beginner
· Includes tattoo equipment

Best tiny tattoo training in Texas

The Tiny Tattoo Training in Person is specifically designed for Beginners who are interested in learning the art of creating small and intricate tattoos at our tattoo school in TX.

Led by experienced tattoo artists, this comprehensive program will provide you with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to start your journey in the world of tiny tattoos. From understanding the basics of precise linework to exploring shading and color techniques, you will receive step-by-step guidance and hands-on practice to build your confidence.

With a supportive learning environment and personalized instruction, this course is the perfect starting point for beginners who want to master the captivating art of tiny tattoos.

Our hands-on approach surpasses any video, DVD, book, or online course.
Just like you can’t learn to swim by reading a book, or learn how to drive by watching a video, or master MMA without getting in the ring, hands-on learning is undeniably the best way to learn. Hands down!

Content Small tattoo classes

Tattoo Machine Mastery: Setting Up for Success

  • Properly setting up your tattoo machine and workstation
  • Selecting the right needle for optimal results
  • Identifying and sourcing essential supplies
  • Understanding different needle depths and how to adjust them

Bloodborne Pathogens and Cross-Contamination Prevention

  • Understanding bloodborne pathogens and their risks
  • Implementing effective cross-contamination procedures
  • Applying cross-contamination measures during setup, tattooing, and station cleanup
  • Identifying and utilizing necessary supplies for cross-contamination prevention

Mastering Small Tattoo Techniques

  • Creating and applying stencils for precise designs
  • Selecting needles for delicate precision lining
  • Proper handling of the tattoo machine and recommended angles
  • Achieving smooth, flowing lines
  • Preventing blowouts and maintaining stable lines
  • Varying line weights and proper line building techniques
  • Recommendations for high-quality inks, needles, and machines
  • Assessing tattoo designs to suit individual clients
  • Understanding body areas less suitable for tattooing
  • Optimizing client comfort and positioning
  • Effective skin stretching for optimal needle penetration

Hands-On Instruction and Practical Experience

  • Putting theory into practice with live clients
  • Daily exercises and drills to reinforce learning
  • Strategies to enhance existing knowledge and skills
  • Preparing for the most common tattoos encountered as a beginner

You will Learn

  • Needle Types and Sizes: Understand the differences in needle types and sizes, and how they impact tattooing techniques and outcomes.
  • Precise Linework: Master the art of creating precise linework, which is crucial for clean and well-defined tattoos.
  • Ink Market and Vegan Inks: Explore the ink market and learn about vegan inks, gaining insights into different brands, color palettes, and quality considerations.
  • Correct Depth and Healing: Learn how to achieve the correct depth during tattooing to ensure optimal healing and beautiful long-term results.
  • Complications and Mistake Prevention: Understand common complications in tattooing, such as blowouts and color retention issues, and discover techniques and best practices to avoid them.
  • Tiny Tattoo Care.

Why Choose Us?

  • Official TT Tattoo Diploma.
  • We prioritize quality instruction by keeping our class sizes small, with a maximum of 5 students per instructor. This low student-to-instructor guarantees that can provide individualized attention, guidance, and support throughout your entire learning journey. You can trust that they will be by your side every step of the way, ensuring a personalized and enriching experience.
  • Wireless Tattoo Machine.
  • Real-life practice on volunteers in a professional studio.
  • Opportunity to work in one of our studios.
  • Embark on a structured journey of learning the art of tattooing, building a solid knowledge base, and setting yourself up for a prosperous future.
  • Gain access to the most up-to-date insights and developments in the Tattoo Industry, directly from a seasoned master.
  • Benefit from the master’s wealth of personal experiences, as they shed light on common mistakes made by beginners, empowering you to steer clear of repeating them.
  • This course provides a comprehensive collection of Professional Modern Tattoo Equipment to assist you in commencing your journey.
  • Our instructors are professionals actively working in the tattoo industry every day. When they’re not teaching classes, they are tattooing, honing their skills and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

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