Micro Realism tattoos, the most exclusive style.

In an exclusive opportunity, he will share his expertise on effortlessly creating compelling and intricate tattoo designs.

For aspiring tattoo artists, attending
tattoo workshops has long been regarded as the optimal method of learning in
the industry.


  • Full Day
  • 5 people max
  • Face to Face
  • Level: Advanced

Micro Realism Tattoo Seminar

The most effective method of enhancing your tattooing skills is by learning from the experiences of
world-renowned professionals.

Today, you have the exclusive opportunity to access all this knowledge and expertise that Jose has accumulated. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field.

What is Micro Realism Tattoo?

Micro Realism tattoo is a style that focuses on creating highly detailed and realistic tattoos, often in smaller sizes.

Table of Contents:

Class 1: Introduction to Micro Realism Style Tattoo

  • Understanding the concept of Micro Realism
  • Brief history and evolution of Micro Realism tattoos
  • The characteristics and features of Micro Realism style
  • Overview of the course structure and objectives

Class 2: Understanding the Basics of Micro Realism

  • Analyzing reference images for Micro Realism tattoos
  • Breaking down the subject into micro details
  • Importance of composition and placement in Micro Realism
  • Mastering the art of observation and attention to detail

Class 3: Essential Tools and Techniques 

  • Overview of the necessary equipment and tools
  • Different types of needles and their applications
  • Understanding the role of ink viscosity and pigments
  • Techniques for achieving smooth and precise lines

Class 4: Preparing for a Microrealism Tattoo

  • Client consultation and understanding their expectations
  • Preparing the skin and selecting appropriate stencils
  • Sterilization and hygiene practices in Micro Realism tattooing
  • Tips for creating a comfortable and efficient working environment

Class 5: Creating Micro Realistic Portraits

  • Step-by-step process for creating portrait tattoos
  • Capturing facial features and expressions accurately
  • Techniques for achieving realistic skin tones and textures
  • Adding personality and character to portrait tattoos

Class 6: Achieving Detailed Textures

  • Understanding different textures and their representation
  • Techniques for creating realistic hair, fur, and feathers
  • Simulating textures of various materials in Micro Realism
  • Incorporating texture to enhance the overall composition

Class 7: Shading and Lighting Techniques for Micro Realism Tattoos

  • Importance of shading and creating smooth gradients
  • Understanding light sources and their impact on the artwork
  • Techniques for achieving realistic shadows and highlights
  • Creating depth and three-dimensionality through shading

Class 8: Adding Depth and Dimension

  • Utilizing perspective and depth to enhance realism
  • Creating the illusion of volume and form
  • Techniques for tattooing three-dimensional objects
  • Incorporating backgrounds and foreground elements

Class 9: Color Theory

  • Understanding color palettes and harmonies
  • Techniques for realistic color blending and transitions
  • Working with limited color schemes for impactful tattoos
  • Enhancing color saturation and vibrancy in Micro Realism

Class 10: Finalizing and Finishing Micro Realism Tattoos

  • Cleaning and polishing the tattoo for a professional finish
  • Dealing with potential touch-ups and corrections
  • Aftercare instructions and client education

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