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Utilizing Tattoo Ads for Google can prove to be an exceptional avenue for swiftly acquiring bookings.

Positioning your studio or yourself on Google’s premier search page, you solely incur expenses when individuals click on your advertisements, thereby securing traffic that is tailored to your needs and comprised of clientele with a high likelihood of converting.


· Account management & Setup + Investment

Benefits of tattoo ADS for Google

Boost Your Tattoo Artistry with Targeted Google Ads!

We understand the challenges that tattoo artists face when it comes to promoting their art and attracting the right clientele.

As experts in Google Ads, we empathize with your frustrations and are here to provide a solution tailored to your specific needs. We know how important it is for you to reach potential clients who are actively searching for tattoo artists in your area.

We specialize in creating targeted advertising campaigns that maximize your online visibility and attract the right audience. Through strategic keyword research and ad placements, we ensure that your tattoo artistry is showcased to potential clients who are actively looking for tattoo services.

By choosing our Tattoo Ads for Google Service, you gain access to a range of benefits. Our team of Google Ads experts will create compelling ad copy and captivating visuals that effectively convey your unique style and craftsmanship, Before I forget, I recommend you take a look at our Social Media VIP Manager Services for Tattoo Artists.

Reach Your Target Audience


Show your ads to
potential clients searching
for tattoo-related


Boost your online
presence and attract more customers to your
tattoo studio.


Set your
budget and pay only when someone clicks
on your ads.

Additionally, we provide detailed performance tracking and analytics, allowing you to monitor the success of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions. Our continuous optimization efforts ensure that your ads deliver the best possible results, driving more traffic to your website or studio and ultimately increasing your client base.

Pay per Click Marketing for Tattoo Artists

For our clients in the tattoo artist industry, we highly recommend incorporating pay-per-click (PPC) advertising into your marketing strategy.

If you’re looking to secure appointments swiftly and fill up your calendar, PPC ads can be the ideal solution. With a vast number of individuals turning to the internet to find their next tattoo artist, PPC ads provide an excellent opportunity to connect with potential customers at the right moment.

The beauty of PPC ads lies in their cost-effectiveness and affordability, even for newly established tattoo businesses. Regardless of your budget, you can leverage PPC to reach your target audience effectively.

Tattoo artists like you hire us because...


They lack expertise in
running effective Google Ads campaigns.


They are unsure
about the right strategies and advertising channels to use.


They know but lack the
time to manage the campaigns themselves.


They have had (or are having) negative experiences with other agencies.


They have tried
and failed due to a lack of knowledge.


They attempt
it themselves and fail due to a lack of knowledge.

Ready to take your tattoo artistry to the next level?

Click the “Get Started” button to boost your online presence with our targeted Google Ads service. We are excited to collaborate with you and help you attract the right clients who appreciate your unique talent. If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s make your tattoo artistry shine through strategic advertising and drive more business to your studio!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can call us by phone, fill out the contact form, or send us an email.

We only charge for two concepts: Setup and monthly management.

The Setup consists of creating the account, configuring the necessary variables to measure all the data, and aligning it with our objectives.

The monthly management includes optimization, reporting, improvements, adjustments, and all the necessary management to ensure we achieve the best possible results.

Our recommendation is to not go below $300 for the first month because with a lower budget, we won’t have enough data or margin for optimization.

It depends on the campaign volume, but the estimated timeframe is usually between one and three days.

Yes, campaigns can be segmented by geographic areas and many other variables (age, interests, gender, etc.) to reach the appropriate potential customers.

Google Ads allows us to create targeted campaigns that appear in search results when potential clients are actively searching for tattoo artists. We strategically choose keywords and ad placements to maximize your visibility and attract the right audience.

We conduct thorough keyword research and audience targeting to ensure that your ads are shown to people who are actively looking for tattoo artists in your area. This helps increase the chances of attracting potential clients who are interested in your specific style.

No, we only invoice for the work performed, and when you no longer want to continue with the campaigns, you are not tied to contracts or minimum durations.

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