Discover the Secrets of Color & Texture in the tattoo to Express emotions.

In this comprehensive workshop,
Miguel will guide you through color application, exploring palettes, shading techniques, and tonal variations. Gain insights into selection, blending, and creating depth in your tattoos.


  • Full Day
  • 5 people max
  • Face to Face
  • Level: Advanced

Color Tattoo Seminar

With over a decade of experience and international recognition from events, Miguel is the perfect guide for your tattooing journey.

In this comprehensive course, Miguel will walk you through various tattooing techniques, allowing you to create captivating works of art brimming with individuality. You’ll learn how to set up your workspace, fine-tune a tattoo machine, and prepare an array of vibrant colors. Explore different tattooing techniques and movements, gaining a solid foundation before diving into the intricacies of preparing transfers, precise linework, and shading.

Delve into the world of color and discover how to achieve optimal saturation, create diverse textures and tones, and add depth and brilliance to your tattoos. By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to confidently execute full-color tattoos that truly stand out.

Table of Contents:

Class 1: Introduction to Color Tattooing

  • Overview
  • Presentation of the Art
  • Influences and Inspirations

Class 2: Materials and Design

  • Materials and Tools
  • Preparing for the Tattoo
  • Design Creation
  • Setting up the Workstation

Class 3: Voltage, Techniques, and Preparation

  • Understanding Voltage and Depth Settings
  • Demonstration of Tattooing Techniques

Class 4: Application on the Skin

  • Framing the Tattoo and Applying the Transfer
  • Emphasizing the Lines
  • Establishing the Black Base

Class 5: Color Treatment

  • Tinting and Layering Techniques
  • Achieving Saturation
  • Creating Textures
  • Defining and Enhancing the Tattoo’s Brightness

Class 6: Aftercare

  • Disassembling the Workstation to Prevent Cross-Contamination
  • Proper Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

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